Pentesting for Web Apps

Prove security compliance to your customers and auditors

  • Tailored pentesting for SaaS vulnerabilities
  • Skilled bug bounty hunters that apply creative hacking techniques
  • Accelerate your ISO or SOC2 compliance
Tailored for SaaS companies
Go beyond generic tools. Aikido pentests are tailored to web apps. Our pentests test for typical SaaS dangers like data leaks between accounts, etc...
Expertise Over Tools
Work with skilled bug bounty hunters that apply creative hacking techniques, instead of classic pentesters who use uninventive techniques & automated scanners only.
Continuous Security
Beyond just testing – we provide a monitoring solution to keep your web app secure. By monitoring your environment every 24 hours, Aikido notifies you if any critical vulnerabilities pop-up.
The Problem
The Problem with Traditional Pentesting
They rely on off-the-shelf tools.
They lack insight into SaaS-specific vulnerabilities.
They offer generic results that don’t cater to web apps.
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Secure your SaaS, the Right Way
Go beyond generic tools. Get a tailored pentest for web apps.
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Only pay for actual, manual work
With Aikido you pay for valuable, creative bounty hunter work, not for time spent running automated tests.
Get a SOC 2 & ISO 27001 ready report
Get Aikido’s seal of approval for your security, and show your customers & investors you’re taking security seriously. Our report is ready to use as proof for your ISO 27001 or SOC 2 compliance.
A team of SaaS veterans
Our team has been in SaaS for their whole career. A pentest guided by experienced CTOs and SaaS bug bounty hunters. You can't get better than this.
“Feels good to know we’re paying for actual creative manual work and not for standardized pentests.”
Hans Ott, Co-founder & CTO,
“It costs me half as much, and I get double the amount of actual great findings”
Gertjan de Wilde, Co-founder & CEO, Apideck
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